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The Cosmic Crystals Story

Cosmic Crystals was born from our founder Bree's love of all things earth and space bound. We are a new and fresh consciously curated crystal store.  We highly value ethically sourced and environmentally conscious choices in our business and personal lives - it's not a bunch of hocus pocus!

All packaging is either biodegradable, compostable or recycled. On the rare occassion bubble wrap is used for our very fragile crystals, it has all been recycled from our suppliers so no new plasic products are being purchased. We use compostable postage labels and packing fill, recycleable tape, boxes and cards. All postage boxes are sourced from a local buisness which otherwise would go straight to recycling.

Each crystal is from trusted sources who do not condone unethical work practices. 

Cosmic Crystals gives you the choice of which crystals you want. We photograph each individual piece ensuring you know everything before you purchase. 


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