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Mushroom Carvings

Mushroom Carvings



▹ Enhances fertility

▹ Has strong tranquil energy

▹ Encourages the eb and flow of energy through our bodies

Zodiac: Cancer & Capricorn


▹ Stone of love

▹ Carries feminine energy

▹ Releases tension and stress

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra & Scorpio


▹ Dissolves negativity

▹ Soothes inner anger, anxiety and negative mood swings

▹ Strengthens spiritual awareness and opens psychic abilities

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces & Virgo


▹ Clears the mind of negativity

▹ Heightens connection between physical and spiritual worlds

▹ Mind and memory benefits

▹ Assists with growth and personal awareness

Zodiac: benefits all

  • As you may already know, some of these stunning crystals are fragile. It is possible that some may arrive damaged after transit, despite being packaged carefully.

    All crystals leave in as pictured condition and are packaged with care and multiple layers of padding. Comic Crystals takes no responsibility for damage during transit.

    Crystals are natural rocks and minerals which can appear different colours on various screens. Some photographs may not show small cracks or damage (don't worry we'll tell you, we ain't gonna lie to you!). Returns based on characteristics or 'change of mind' will not be accepted.

    No refunds or returns are accepted on sale or discounted items.

  • 3.5cm


    Sourced from Madagascar.

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