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Each crystal can be cleansed and charged, although not all can be cleaned by the same methods. These natural stones need some love too. Even though they've come from caves, the ground and high up in the mountains, some are fragile! 



Water can be used on many crystal varieties as a form of cleansing, however care MUST be taken as to which crystal you clean this way. 

Any stones that are porous (Selenite, Turquoise) or have iron contents (Hematite, Pyrite) are not safe to be immersed in water as they can start to desintergrate or rust!

If making crystal elixers or tonics, please note that some cystals can make water toxic to ingest or apply to the skin (Malachite - copper, Pyrite - sulpur etc) 

A general rule of thumb is "anything that ends in 'ite' should not be placed in water." 



Sunlight is another fabulous cleansing tool, but remember that most stones for underground away from direct sunlight - so they can be damaged from long exposure to the harsh UV rays. 

Some crystals like Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian or Labradorite survive well under the rays as their colours are generally unaffected by UV. However there are many that dull, fade or desintergrate from extended exposure. Crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, Fluorite, Celestite, Selenite and Rose Quartz are some of the stones that will need to be kept away from the sunlight.

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Smoke has been used to cleanse items, people and spaces for centuries across many different cultures. Any collection of herbs, flowers and woods can be used, either wrapped into a smudge stick or loosely in a smoke bowl. Incense sticks can also be used for smoke cleansing.

Crystals are unlikely to be harmed by being gently smoke cleansed, some may damage however if placed directly in a smoke bowl.

Smoke cleansing is best done with some ventilation for safety. You can light your stick or loose blend and wave over the crystals or space you are cleansing.



Selenite has self-cleansing properties, meaning that it is also used to cleanse other stones.

This is quite simply done by either having a Selenite crystal amongst your current collection, using a Selenite charging plate or Selenite cleansing bowl.

Selenite and Satin Spar are often used interchangably. While they are different crystals, they are from the same family of stones and possess the same benefits.


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Charging your crystals is so important to ensure all negative energies are dispeled from them. 

You can charge and cleanse your crystals in the moonlight, with different moon phases having different purposes!

Full Moons are use to cleanse and 'reset' your crystals energy, recharging their natural properties/benefits. 
New Moons are used to set new intentions and energy into your crystals.

Your crystals dont have to be in direct moonlight to be cleansed - so don't stress you inner city babes! If you place them outside, make sure you check the weather to ensure your crystals are safe from the rain.


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